Disforia 0 Disforia: The Age of Ether Overall Score

Disforia: The Age of Ether

This is a rather unusual style of “progressive metal” for us at Progulator to be tackling, but our dear friend John Yelland has really come

December 16, 2014 Reviews
bjorn header 0 Bjørn Riis: Lullabies in a Car Crash Overall Score

Bjørn Riis: Lullabies in a Car Crash

After a number of listens with Lullabies in a Car Crash, the debut solo album from Norwegian guitarist Bjørn Riis, I’ve come to a conclusion that

December 06, 2014 Reviews
upf2 0 United Progressive Fraternity: Fall in Love with the World Overall Score

United Progressive Fraternity: Fall in Love with the World

Honestly at first I thought it was a joke; I saw the title of this and not even much of a description other than “progressive”

November 22, 2014 Reviews
Leprous-2013-2 0 Leprous: Tall Poppy Syndrome Overall Score

Leprous: Tall Poppy Syndrome

So we have a new up and coming band with some really interesting jazzy progressive metal that’s gotten a fair amount of attention in the

November 17, 2014 Reviews
Rhys Marsh 03 [September, 2014] â photo by Wil Lee-Wright [72dpi] 0 Rhys Marsh: Sentiment Overall Score

Rhys Marsh: Sentiment

Rhys Marsh has certainly been a busy man this year. Riding high off of Kaukasus’ stellar debut (which is certainly one of the top debuts

November 15, 2014 Reviews
Progulator_News 0

News: The Psychedelic Ensemble, Glass Hammer, and Pain of Salvation

PRE-ORDER THE PSYCHEDELIC ENSEMBLE NEW RELEASE Pre-order options are available now for the forthcoming release of the fifth album, The Sunstone, from The Psychedelic Ensemble.

November 09, 2014 News
Mammoth_Lineup 2 Mammoth: Polymorphism Overall Score

Mammoth: Polymorphism

Mammoth are a relatively new band from Los Angeles, California. EP Polymorphism marks their third release (following EPs Shapeless in 2012 and Dimension of Inversion

November 01, 2014 Reviews
sevenimpaleinterview 0

Interview: Seven Impale

In case you haven’t caught a delicious earful of them yet, Seven Impale is an exciting and fresh band out of Norway that’s redefining how

October 12, 2014 Interviews
MaterThallium_Lineup 0 Mater Thallium: Abandoned By the Sun Overall Score

Mater Thallium: Abandoned By the Sun

Norway’s Mater Thallium have granted us quite the fascinating gem of an album this year. It has a fair share of rough edges and its

October 04, 2014 Reviews
moraine baja 1 Moraine: Groundswell Overall Score

Moraine: Groundswell

Few bands have come out of nowhere to surprise me like Moraine. About a year ago I was seated at the Nor Cal prog festival,

September 28, 2014 Reviews
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