renaissance 0 Renaissance: Symphony of Light Overall Score

Renaissance: Symphony of Light

Perhaps unlike some of you, my introduction to Renaissance’s discography wasn’t chronological; rather than starting from the beginning, my first exposure to the band was

August 17, 2014 Reviews
D'Accord 0 D’Accord: D’Accord III Overall Score

D’Accord: D’Accord III

D’Accord III is not a typical prog album of our time. Once you start listening to it you will definitely understand why. The album was

August 15, 2014 Reviews
accordo 0 Accordo dei Contrari: AdC Overall Score

Accordo dei Contrari: AdC

Coming back from their heavily Cantebury influenced sophomore album, Kublai, the Italian band Accordo dei Contrari sets out to change their game a bit with their

August 08, 2014 Reviews
neal 2 0 Neal Morse: Songs from November Overall Score

Neal Morse: Songs from November

by Rodrigo Concha Before we proceed to the review of Neal Morse’s newest work, Songs from November, there are a few disclaimers I feel I

August 05, 2014 Reviews
abel ganz 0 Abel Ganz: Abel Ganz Overall Score

Abel Ganz: Abel Ganz

Scottish proggers Abel Ganz have a long history that stretches back into the neo-prog scene of the 80′s. Like many groups of that era, they

August 03, 2014 Reviews
bite-size 0

Bite-size Prog – July 2014

Pat O’Connell – Rogue Elephant Music Presents the Music of Pat O’Connell Rogue Elephant Music Presents the Music of Pat O’Connell is essentially a best of

July 29, 2014 Bite Size
ab2 1 Abigail’s Ghost – “Unmastered” EP Overall Score

Abigail’s Ghost – “Unmastered” EP

Abigail’s Ghost has been around for some time now. Their debut “Selling Insincerity” in 2007 was a pleasant surprise full of Porcupine Tree, A Perfect

July 19, 2014 Reviews
wrupk 2 0 WRUPK UREI: Kõik saab korda Overall Score

WRUPK UREI: Kõik saab korda

If there’s ever a label I count on to churn out some interesting artists, it’s Altrock, which means that bands like the Estonian septet Wrupk

July 18, 2014 Reviews
Dewa2 1 Dewa Budjana: Surya Namaskar Overall Score

Dewa Budjana: Surya Namaskar

Before I talk about the music, I have to begin with the album cover. Its garish, gold leaf, smiling sun face is much more than

July 12, 2014 Reviews
latte-miele-e-il-tempio-delle-clessidre-al-te-L-8TGWV9 0 Latte e Miele: Passio Secundum Matthaeum: The Complete Work Overall Score

Latte e Miele: Passio Secundum Matthaeum: The Complete Work

As “Introduzione” began the album with that ever so familiar choir, a moving blend of warmth, sorrow, and triumph, I knew immediately that Passio Secundum

July 10, 2014 Reviews
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