alco frisbass 0 Alco Frisbass: Alco Frisbass Overall Score

Alco Frisbass: Alco Frisbass

To put it simply, the debut Alco Frisbass album goes from good the first time through to fantastic on repeat listens. The  French duo of Fabrice

September 20, 2015 Reviews
Mammoth_Lineup2 0 Mammoth: Innate Overall Score

Mammoth: Innate

Los Angeles prog-rockers Mammoth impressed me a lot with their technical chops on previous EP Polymorphism, and have done so again with their latest EP

September 13, 2015 Reviews
magic pie promo 0 Magic Pie: King for a Day Overall Score

Magic Pie: King for a Day

When I caught word that Norway’s Magic Pie would be releasing a new album this year I must admit I was thrilled with the idea.

August 30, 2015 Reviews
native-construct 0 Native Construct – Quiet World Overall Score

Native Construct – Quiet World

When a band chooses to be described as “eclectic” that word tends to be a double edged sword; it can really turn some people off

August 15, 2015 Reviews
between-the-buried-and-me-5101680261daf 0 Between the Buried and Me: Coma Ecliptic Overall Score

Between the Buried and Me: Coma Ecliptic

The story of Between the Buried and Me is one of evolution. Long have they straddled the border between progressive metal and metalcore leading to

July 29, 2015 Reviews
Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset 0 Mandala: Midnight Twighlight Overall Score

Mandala: Midnight Twighlight

While many of you may be familiar with Rhys Marsh, Mandala may be more of an enigma despite the fact that it reaches back much

July 23, 2015 Reviews
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 0 Dylan Howe: Subterranean: New Designs on Bowie’s Berlin Overall Score

Dylan Howe: Subterranean: New Designs on Bowie’s Berlin

David Bowie is, to put it lightly, a widely beloved musical icon. His body of work has covered a vast stylistic range and as such

July 05, 2015 Reviews
CdZVeruno2013 0 La Coscienza di Zeno: La notte anche di giorno Overall Score

La Coscienza di Zeno: La notte anche di giorno

Two years after the release of Sensitivita, a magnificent work of melodic prog-rock by RPI up-and-comers La Conscienza di Zeno, the band returns with another

June 30, 2015 Reviews
ioearth2 0 IOEarth – “New World” Overall Score

IOEarth – “New World”

The new album from IOEarth could quite possibly be the most definitive example of “mixed bag” I’ve ever seen.  I had heard this same thing

June 18, 2015 Reviews
Tusmørke 0 Tusmørke: Riset Bak Speilet Overall Score

Tusmørke: Riset Bak Speilet

Back when I was a young and impressionable scamp with a crappy drum kit and too much free time, I used to play Cream and

June 16, 2015 Reviews
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