leprous_ipadwp2 0 Leprous – Aeolia Overall Score

Leprous – Aeolia

With their latest album Leprous is known as a very dark, almost avant garde progressive metal band that backed former Emperor front man Ihsahn. But

September 18, 2014 Reviews
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Interview: Annie Haslam of Renaissance (part 1 of 2)

Matt of Progulator.com recently had the privilege of interviewing Annie Haslam, the legendary vocalist of Renaissance. In this first part of a two part interview Annie discusses Renaissance’s

September 14, 2014 Interviews
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Interview: FreddeGredde

If you’re looking for some young talent in the prog world that can deliver first class on melody and head-spining rhythms, look no further than

September 05, 2014 Interviews
FreddeGredde-in-Forest 0 FreddeGredde: Brighter Skies Overall Score

FreddeGredde: Brighter Skies

Just in case you were find yourself believing that Sweden is a magical fountain of good prog, well guess what, you’ve been proven right again.

September 02, 2014 Reviews
SontaagLineup 1 Sontaag: Sontaag Overall Score

Sontaag: Sontaag

Sontaag have taken the idea of a concept album about as far as you can go with their self-titled debut, an album with just two

August 30, 2014 Reviews
HopeToFindBand 0 Hope To Find: Our Story About You Overall Score

Hope To Find: Our Story About You

It’s been quite some time since I heard a new band create a fresh sound, but along came Hope to Find with their studio debut Our

August 26, 2014 Reviews
redemption 1 Redemption – Live From the Pit Overall Score

Redemption – Live From the Pit

So Redemption’s been on a bit of a break since their excellent 2011 release This Mortal Coil. This has seen lots of tours and big

August 25, 2014 Concert, Reviews
Seven Impale tree 0 Seven Impale: City of the Sun Overall Score

Seven Impale: City of the Sun

In case you aren’t familiar with them yet, Seven Impale is a young band with a convincing, modern vision of jazz. 2013 gave us their

August 22, 2014 Reviews
AmonDuulII 0 Amon Düül II: Düülurium Overall Score

Amon Düül II: Düülurium

I’ve seen this album described as “the first brand new Amon Düül II studio release in nearly 20 years,” but to clear up any confusion

August 20, 2014 Reviews
renaissance 0 Renaissance: Symphony of Light Overall Score

Renaissance: Symphony of Light

Perhaps unlike some of you, my introduction to Renaissance’s discography wasn’t chronological; rather than starting from the beginning, my first exposure to the band was

August 17, 2014 Reviews
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