ut gret 2 Ut Gret: Ancestor’s Tale Overall Score

Ut Gret: Ancestor’s Tale

Out of Louisville, Kentucky, comes a fascinating brand of avant-rock in the form of Ut Gret, a band that describes its music as ‘pan-idiomatic’ due

April 18, 2014 Reviews
sot2 0 Seasons of Time: “Closed Doors to Open Plains” Overall Score

Seasons of Time: “Closed Doors to Open Plains”

I have such mixed feelings on this second album from Seasons of Time. I wouldn’t call it a mixed bag; however, I do feel that

April 18, 2014 Reviews
children in paradise 1 Children in Paradise: “Esyllt” Overall Score

Children in Paradise: “Esyllt”

I thought I’d try something different this time ’round: I feel like reviewing an album that is not new, but deserves your attention all the

April 14, 2014 Reviews
galahad2 0 Galahad: “Seize the Day” EP Overall Score

Galahad: “Seize the Day” EP

A good EP should always provide plenty of interesting content, especially if it’s an EP based on one of the songs off a previous album.

April 11, 2014 Reviews
mice2 0 Mice on Stilts: “An Ocean Held Me” Overall Score

Mice on Stilts: “An Ocean Held Me”

I love surprises. I had never heard of Mice on Stilts from New Zealand, but after being introduced to them, I can’t see myself forgetting

April 08, 2014 Reviews
isgaard1 2 Isgaard: “Naked” Overall Score

Isgaard: “Naked”

We all know how great Facebook’s recommendations system is.  Usually I get recommendations for some pretty terrible stuff that has nothing to do with what

April 03, 2014 Reviews
News Update 1

Live Updates: This MAY = Anglagard in Mexico; Caravan, Beardfish, and others at Rosfest!

ANGLAGARD IN MEXICO – MAY  23, 2014 La gran banda sueca de rock progresivo Anglagard realizará un concierto en la ciudad de México el día

March 30, 2014 Concert, News
Matt 0 Matt Stevens: “Lucid” Overall Score

Matt Stevens: “Lucid”

What do you get when an excellent guitarist, in this case Matt Stevens of The Fierce & the Dead, makes a solo album?  You guessed

March 27, 2014 Reviews
dream1 0 Dream the Electric Sleep: “Heretics” Overall Score

Dream the Electric Sleep: “Heretics”

As the pounding rhythm of Dream the Electric Sleep’s new album “Heretics” blasts its way into your ear canals, you can tell that you are

March 25, 2014 Reviews
panic room 0 Panic Room: “Incarnate” Overall Score

Panic Room: “Incarnate”

Well, if I’ve learned anything as a music fan, I’ve learned that you can never expect every anticipated album to meet all expectations. After being

March 24, 2014 Reviews
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