upf2 0 United Progressive Fraternity: Fall in Love with the World Overall Score

United Progressive Fraternity: Fall in Love with the World

Honestly at first I thought it was a joke; I saw the title of this and not even much of a description other than “progressive”

November 22, 2014 Reviews
Leprous-2013-2 0 Leprous: Tall Poppy Syndrome Overall Score

Leprous: Tall Poppy Syndrome

So we have a new up and coming band with some really interesting jazzy progressive metal that’s gotten a fair amount of attention in the

November 17, 2014 Reviews
Rhys Marsh 03 [September, 2014] â photo by Wil Lee-Wright [72dpi] 0 Rhys Marsh: Sentiment Overall Score

Rhys Marsh: Sentiment

Rhys Marsh has certainly been a busy man this year. Riding high off of Kaukasus’ stellar debut (which is certainly one of the top debuts

November 15, 2014 Reviews
Progulator_News 0

News: The Psychedelic Ensemble, Glass Hammer, and Pain of Salvation

PRE-ORDER THE PSYCHEDELIC ENSEMBLE NEW RELEASE Pre-order options are available now for the forthcoming release of the fifth album, The Sunstone, from The Psychedelic Ensemble.

November 09, 2014 News
Mammoth_Lineup 2 Mammoth: Polymorphism Overall Score

Mammoth: Polymorphism

Mammoth are a relatively new band from Los Angeles, California. EP Polymorphism marks their third release (following EPs Shapeless in 2012 and Dimension of Inversion

November 01, 2014 Reviews
sevenimpaleinterview 0

Interview: Seven Impale

In case you haven’t caught a delicious earful of them yet, Seven Impale is an exciting and fresh band out of Norway that’s redefining how

October 12, 2014 Interviews
MaterThallium_Lineup 0 Mater Thallium: Abandoned By the Sun Overall Score

Mater Thallium: Abandoned By the Sun

Norway’s Mater Thallium have granted us quite the fascinating gem of an album this year. It has a fair share of rough edges and its

October 04, 2014 Reviews
moraine baja 1 Moraine: Groundswell Overall Score

Moraine: Groundswell

Few bands have come out of nowhere to surprise me like Moraine. About a year ago I was seated at the Nor Cal prog festival,

September 28, 2014 Reviews
Progulator_large-e1345230640734 0

News Bits: TPE, Kaipa, Transatlantic, Moraine, Regal Worm, and Lunatic Soul!

THE PSYCHEDELIC ENSEMBLE TO RELEASE NEW ALBUM The Psychedelic Ensemble has announced that he is completing a fifth studio album.  The album promises some exciting guest

September 24, 2014 News
OpethLineup 0 Opeth: Pale Communion Overall Score

Opeth: Pale Communion

Much of the attention surrounding Opeth’s latest album has been focused on its lack of death growls (this marks the first time Opeth have released

September 21, 2014 Reviews
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