chaos2 0 Chaos Divine – “Colliding Skies” Overall Score

Chaos Divine – “Colliding Skies”

Australia: Land of Prog.  What?  In the last few years, the Aussies have been releasing some of the best progressive albums I’ve ever heard.  I

April 16, 2015 Reviews
sunstone 0 The Psychedelic Ensemble: The Sunstone Overall Score

The Psychedelic Ensemble: The Sunstone

About a year and a half-ago The Psychedelic Ensemble (TPE) offered an incredible conceptual album in the form of The Tale of the Golden King. Well, TPE

April 14, 2015 Reviews
john 0 Lonely Robot – “Please Come Home” Overall Score

Lonely Robot – “Please Come Home”

We’ve all been waiting a long time for a new Frost* album: I think we can all agree about that.  However, sometimes the names behind

April 08, 2015 Reviews
Arcane-Band-Photo (1) 0 Arcane: Known/Learned Overall Score

Arcane: Known/Learned

Arcane is a pretty straight forward progressive metal band that loves writing long songs. See their first two albums which both contain multiple tracks nine

March 25, 2015 Reviews
dewa band 0 Dewa Budjana: Hasta Karma Overall Score

Dewa Budjana: Hasta Karma

Dewa Budjana has been on my radar for a couple of years now due to his extraordinary blend of Indonesian folk with jazz and his

March 22, 2015 Reviews
TheSunstoneCover 1

News/Video Updates!

THE PSYCHEDELIC ENSEMBLE Get geared up for the new album, The Sunstone, brought to you by The Psychedelic Ensemble, symphonic progger extraordinaire whose last album, The Tale

March 15, 2015 News
peripherybandwithlogo2013_638 0 Periphery: Alpha & Omega Overall Score

Periphery: Alpha & Omega

Last year Periphery left us with a magnificent EP called “Clear,” a rather interesting concept. The band collaborated and created an overarching theme and then

February 21, 2015 Reviews
amenophis-band 0

Amenophis: Time

Contemporary music criticism has become infected by its own version of retromania – in other words, its own obsession with the past. James Parker and

February 09, 2015 Reviews
Beardfish rockbook 2 0 Beardfish: +4626-COMFORTZONE Overall Score

Beardfish: +4626-COMFORTZONE

I discovered Beardfish when they released Mammoth back in 2011 and I quite enjoyed that album; it was really my introduction to the modern prog

February 07, 2015 Reviews
band3_HP 0 Momentum: The Freak is Alive Overall Score

Momentum: The Freak is Alive

Icelandic metallers Momentum have presented us with a distinctive and layered album in The Freak is Alive (set for release on February 9, 2015). It’s

January 28, 2015 Reviews
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