Eric-Baule-1 0 Eric Baule: Revelations Adrift Overall Score

Eric Baule: Revelations Adrift

When I received a very neatly packaged digi-pack with full artwork, lyrics and everything, I had a hard time believing this was an unknown solo

January 22, 2016 Reviews
Alea Dilemma 0 The Alea Dilemma: Within the Clamor of Voices Overall Score

The Alea Dilemma: Within the Clamor of Voices

If you are looking for a new jazz fusion sensation, I highly recommend giving The Alea Dilemma a careful listen. Their debut album, Within the

January 16, 2016 Articles, Reviews
tea club 0 The Tea Club: Grappling Overall Score

The Tea Club: Grappling

New Jersey-based proggers The Tea Club first caught my attention with the release of Quickly Quickly Quickly, album that featured what was, in my opinion,

January 11, 2016 Reviews
barock project 0 Barock Project: Skyline Overall Score

Barock Project: Skyline

The Italian prog scene is in good hands. A bold statement? I think not. While many countries have a number of veteran bands waving the

November 28, 2015 Reviews
RendezvousPoint PR1_zpskt96tkia 0 Rendezvous Point: Solar Storm Overall Score

Rendezvous Point: Solar Storm

Solar Storm is the debut album from Norwegian band Rendezvous Point. As a debut it shows some promise from these relative newcomers, who have a

November 22, 2015 Reviews
News Update 0

Weekly News Update: MMORPG Edition

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these news updates. Judging by the lack of any discernible public outcry at their absence, I’m

November 20, 2015 News
Opposite Day 0 Opposite Day: Space Taste Race, Pt. 2 Overall Score

Opposite Day: Space Taste Race, Pt. 2

I sat down and tried to describe Opposite Day to myself. The words came to me, and then they left. Then, I smiled at the

November 05, 2015 Reviews
Chasca 0 Chasca: Barbarians Overall Score

Chasca: Barbarians

With much splendor and glitter splatter, Chasca marches into the next EP, Barbarians (2015), and brings us everything from pop progressive rock to heavy metal to piano

November 04, 2015 Reviews
necromonkey 0 Necromonkey: Show Me Where It Hertz Overall Score

Necromonkey: Show Me Where It Hertz

The older I get, the more I appreciate change. As a homeowner I’ve grown to love the cold winter months, which offer a brief reprieve

November 03, 2015 Reviews
Tesseract-with-Daniel 0 TesseracT – Polaris Overall Score

TesseracT – Polaris

Djent may be a very controversial sound in metal, but that hasn’t stopped it from proliferating and becoming one of the biggest fads in progressive

October 12, 2015 Reviews
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