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Bite-size Prog: A Taste of the Future

Whether you love it or hate it, music keeps evolving, and even prog is starting to put on some new faces. Recently everyone’s been going

April 22, 2014 Bite Size, Reviews
transport 0 Transport Aerian: “LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE” Overall Score

Transport Aerian: “LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE”

True artists are difficult to find nowadays. I don’t mean people that can simply make music, even well. I mean the real deal, those people

April 22, 2014 Reviews
ut gret 2 Ut Gret: Ancestor’s Tale Overall Score

Ut Gret: Ancestor’s Tale

Out of Louisville, Kentucky, comes a fascinating brand of avant-rock in the form of Ut Gret, a band that describes its music as ‘pan-idiomatic’ due

April 18, 2014 Reviews
sot2 0 Seasons of Time: “Closed Doors to Open Plains” Overall Score

Seasons of Time: “Closed Doors to Open Plains”

I have such mixed feelings on this second album from Seasons of Time. I wouldn’t call it a mixed bag; however, I do feel that

April 18, 2014 Reviews
children in paradise 1 Children in Paradise: “Esyllt” Overall Score

Children in Paradise: “Esyllt”

I thought I’d try something different this time ’round: I feel like reviewing an album that is not new, but deserves your attention all the

April 14, 2014 Reviews
galahad2 0 Galahad: “Seize the Day” EP Overall Score

Galahad: “Seize the Day” EP

A good EP should always provide plenty of interesting content, especially if it’s an EP based on one of the songs off a previous album.

April 11, 2014 Reviews
mice2 0 Mice on Stilts: “An Ocean Held Me” Overall Score

Mice on Stilts: “An Ocean Held Me”

I love surprises. I had never heard of Mice on Stilts from New Zealand, but after being introduced to them, I can’t see myself forgetting

April 08, 2014 Reviews
isgaard1 2 Isgaard: “Naked” Overall Score

Isgaard: “Naked”

We all know how great Facebook’s recommendations system is.  Usually I get recommendations for some pretty terrible stuff that has nothing to do with what

April 03, 2014 Reviews
News Update 1

Live Updates: This MAY = Anglagard in Mexico; Caravan, Beardfish, and others at Rosfest!

ANGLAGARD IN MEXICO – MAY  23, 2014 La gran banda sueca de rock progresivo Anglagard realizará un concierto en la ciudad de México el día

March 30, 2014 Concert, News
Matt 0 Matt Stevens: “Lucid” Overall Score

Matt Stevens: “Lucid”

What do you get when an excellent guitarist, in this case Matt Stevens of The Fierce & the Dead, makes a solo album?  You guessed

March 27, 2014 Reviews
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