ab2 1 Abigail’s Ghost – “Unmastered” EP Overall Score

Abigail’s Ghost – “Unmastered” EP

Abigail’s Ghost has been around for some time now. Their debut “Selling Insincerity” in 2007 was a pleasant surprise full of Porcupine Tree, A Perfect

July 19, 2014 Reviews
wrupk 2 0 WRUPK UREI: Kõik saab korda Overall Score

WRUPK UREI: Kõik saab korda

If there’s ever a label I count on to churn out some interesting artists, it’s Altrock, which means that bands like the Estonian septet Wrupk

July 18, 2014 Reviews
Dewa2 1 Dewa Budjana: Surya Namaskar Overall Score

Dewa Budjana: Surya Namaskar

Before I talk about the music, I have to begin with the album cover. Its garish, gold leaf, smiling sun face is much more than

July 12, 2014 Reviews
latte-miele-e-il-tempio-delle-clessidre-al-te-L-8TGWV9 0 Latte e Miele: Passio Secundum Matthaeum: The Complete Work Overall Score

Latte e Miele: Passio Secundum Matthaeum: The Complete Work

As “Introduzione” began the album with that ever so familiar choir, a moving blend of warmth, sorrow, and triumph, I knew immediately that Passio Secundum

July 10, 2014 Reviews
Aisles_rock_prog_59 0 Aisles: 4:45 AM Overall Score

Aisles: 4:45 AM

Hailing from Santiago de Chile comes Aisles, representing the genre of neo prog since 2001 as led by brothers Germán and Sebastián Vergara. Their third

July 03, 2014 Reviews
carp 0 Carpadium: “Fake Jokes” Overall Score

Carpadium: “Fake Jokes”

Sometimes, very rarely, progressive music is pure fun. F-U-N. Fun. I know that is a foreign concept to our ultra-serious love, but Carpadium has managed

June 26, 2014 Reviews
chain reaction1 0 Distorted Harmony: “Chain Reaction” Overall Score

Distorted Harmony: “Chain Reaction”

In 2012, a young band blew me away with a debut that still lingers in my ears. Heck, my wife uses one of their songs

June 19, 2014 Reviews
PromoImage 2 Voyager: V Overall Score

Voyager: V

Voyager is one of those bands that seemed to just come out of nowhere and knock me off my feet with their 2011 album, The Meaning

June 19, 2014 Reviews
xanadu1 0 Xanadu: “Follow the Instinct” Overall Score

Xanadu: “Follow the Instinct”

Poland’s Xanadu has finally come around with their sophomore album, entitled “Follow the Instinct”. Their debut, “The Last Sunrise”, was an emotional piece of art

June 18, 2014 Reviews
mostly1 2 Mostly Autumn: “Dressed in Voices” Overall Score

Mostly Autumn: “Dressed in Voices”

Mostly Autumn is a name that I had heard for many years, but I never got the chance to hear their work until the sublime

June 12, 2014 Reviews
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