Progulator is nothing more than a pretentious and cerebral journey into the musically-driven learning, experiences and passions of a group of…



But here at Progulator, we don’t believe this is a bad thing. In fact, we’ve spent a significant portion of our adult lives trying to share our love of progressive music with others — it’s the common link that connects the original group of Progulator contributors, the major reason they even became friends (yes, we chill in real life!).

Like every good music blog worth its salt, this one will feature album reviews. The reviews will be a mix of new albums and some older/less known gems, from a wide variety of musical genres — as long as the music contained within is progressively minded, we’re interested. You could hear everything from heavy metal, rock, jazz and even the eclectic and obscure — we don’t discriminate. As long as it pushes limits, we’re going to take a listen and deliver our two-bit opinions.

On rare occasion, you’ll also find articles on the more technical aspects of music, from recording tips, sound science and gear to discussions on musical theory and other such musical blabber. We hope these articles will serve as helpful guides and references to those who are interested in such technicalities, and for those of you who actually garner REAL entertainment value from the posts, don’t worry — we won’t judge.

Also, keep an eye out for other posts that don’t really fit into a specific category. It could be a news roundup with updates from around the progressive music world, some discussion on genres, and other posts that you may or may not fall in love with — but you’ll probably like!

So whether the music interests you because of its themes that often touch on fantasy and science fiction, its use of the more complex elements of musical theory and technique, or its blatant disregard of the “status quo,” we hope that you will find the posts contained within to be engaging, humorous, informative and very, very proggy.

Happy reading!

– The Progulator Team