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News Update 0

Weekly News Update: MMORPG Edition

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these news updates. Judging by the lack of any discernible public outcry at their absence, I’m

November 20, 2015 News
necromonkey 0 Necromonkey: Show Me Where It Hertz Overall Score

Necromonkey: Show Me Where It Hertz

The older I get, the more I appreciate change. As a homeowner I’ve grown to love the cold winter months, which offer a brief reprieve

November 03, 2015 Reviews
bite-size 0

Bite-sized Prog: Definitely NOT Italian

With great trepidation and a deep sense of unworthiness, I accept the responsibility of writing short reviews of recent progressive releases streaming free on

October 12, 2015 Bite Size
Tusmørke 0 Tusmørke: Riset Bak Speilet Overall Score

Tusmørke: Riset Bak Speilet

Back when I was a young and impressionable scamp with a crappy drum kit and too much free time, I used to play Cream and

June 16, 2015 Reviews
storm-season-2 0 White Willow: Storm Season (Remastered) Overall Score

White Willow: Storm Season (Remastered)

If you perform a Google image search for “white willow storm season,” you’ll be met with myriad reproductions of one single image. It appears in

April 27, 2015 Reviews
amenophis-band 0

Amenophis: Time

Contemporary music criticism has become infected by its own version of retromania – in other words, its own obsession with the past. James Parker and

February 09, 2015 Reviews
palecommunion 0

Opeth’s Cusp of Eternity: a quick listen to the new single

Opeth will be releasing Pale Communion, their 11th studio album, later this year — and in the meantime, I’ve been (im)patiently awaiting any snippets or

June 02, 2014 News, Reviews
grander 0 Deluge Grander: Heliotians Overall Score

Deluge Grander: Heliotians

I had to go out and purchase my copy of Heliotians, the third effort by Deluge Grander, aka Dan Britton’s band. It wasn’t easy to

May 09, 2014 Reviews
progenesi 1 Progenesi: Ulisse L’Alfiere Nero Overall Score

Progenesi: Ulisse L’Alfiere Nero

Progenesi is another new Italian band that has released an incredible progressive rock album in 2013. Yawn. It’s not like Italian artists haven’t already peppered

July 28, 2013 Reviews
tusmorke2 0 Tusmørke: Den Internasjonale Bronsealderen Overall Score

Tusmørke: Den Internasjonale Bronsealderen

I think too often the term “EP” is poisonous in the world of music, and justifiably so. In the United States, EPs are more often

July 05, 2013 Reviews
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