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sml2 0 Soft Machine Legacy: Burden of Proof Overall Score

Soft Machine Legacy: Burden of Proof

Despite the obvious conclusion one might make after seeing that band name, this is not, in fact, a Soft Machine cover band. It’s the real

July 02, 2013 Reviews
l 0 Forces at Work: Straight Overall Score

Forces at Work: Straight

Full disclosure: This is not a technical, song-by-song review. I cover generalities and feelings, not compositional intricacies. Deal with it. This week, I learned about

June 03, 2013 Reviews
PromoImage 0

Retro Diary: Xanthochroid covers Opeth’s “Harvest”

My email inbox has been a tad lacking in musical luster lately, little new news and no interesting promos, which have been conveniently going to

April 12, 2013 News
TaylorSwifty 3 Taylor Swift: Red Overall Score

Taylor Swift: Red

I just got my hands on what could be the most mind-blowing, sophisticated composition of 2012. I know you wouldn’t think it if you focus only on

April 01, 2013 Reviews
xanthochroid_group 0 Xanthochroid: Blessed He With Boils Overall Score

Xanthochroid: Blessed He With Boils

Any haughty prog rock purists who have disdain for the metal influence in recent progressive music can just leave their baggage at the door. Or

February 28, 2013 Reviews
mmt1 0 Machine Mass Trio: As Real As Thinking Overall Score

Machine Mass Trio: As Real As Thinking

I’ve been neglecting my first love, jazz, for entirely too long, instead opting to explore all of the new music coming out in the progressive

January 15, 2013 Reviews
MusicalMusings 2

Markus’ Musical Musings: Ayreon, The Universal Migrator

I had a song stuck in my head for most of the day yesterday. In Ayreon’s Universal Migrator Part I, there is an awesome song

December 10, 2012 Miscellaneous
Stefan Wolfgang Michael 1 Amenophis: Amenophis Overall Score

Amenophis: Amenophis

I recently learned something new about progressive music in the dark days of the 1980’s. I found an interesting statement by a handful of users

December 05, 2012 Reviews

MoonJune Records $1 Offer

We know you all love music. But do you love those oh-so-rare moments when you decide to lay down the eye patch, put out your

November 16, 2012 Miscellaneous
Mammoth 0 Blue Mammoth: Blue Mammoth Overall Score

Blue Mammoth: Blue Mammoth

First, I’d like to apologize to Blue Mammoth, a four-piece Progressive Rock group from Brazil. I’ve had their self-titled debut since summertime, which means I’m

November 16, 2012 Reviews
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