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Tusmorke2 2 Tusmørke: Underjordisk Tusmørke Overall Score

Tusmørke: Underjordisk Tusmørke

The weather has turned, the leaves have fallen, and Winter has taken hold of the land – it seems like the right time for Termo

November 14, 2012 Reviews
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Weekly News Update: Campaign Edition

I’ve let quite a bit of prog-related news accumulate in my inbox, so I suppose it’s time to stop stalling and deliver information to the

October 23, 2012 News
Montresor_Band 0 Montresor – Daybreak Overall Score

Montresor – Daybreak

Production values and technical proficiency are not as important as the bare brilliant ideas often found in obscure records originating from the most remote locations.

October 18, 2012 Reviews
Lebowski 0 Lebowski: Cinematic Overall Score

Lebowski: Cinematic

Allow me to introduce you to Lebowski, an Art Rock/Progressive Rock band from Poland, the country that brought your prog heavyweights SBB and Riverside. Like

September 11, 2012 Reviews
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Weekly News Update: Progressive Music Awards Recap

The very first Progressive Music Awards, headed by Prog Magazine and Orange Amplification, were presented in London on Wednesday, so it only seems right that

September 07, 2012 News
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Weekly News Update: Poop News Edition

I’d like to follow up Matt’s skimpy Bite-Size offering with a trifecta of crappy news stories this week. Actually, I’d like to take that back,

August 24, 2012 News
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Weekly News Update: Triumphant Return Edition

The Weekly News Update is back, and just look at that sexy new banner! After months of trying to find a job, finding a job,

August 17, 2012 News
citizencain_large 1 Citizen Cain: Skies Darken Overall Score

Citizen Cain: Skies Darken

UPDATE: Upon revision of our rating system, I can’t in good faith give this album the vaunted “5 star” rating. This album caught me at

July 31, 2012 Reviews
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Interview: Anna Holmgren of Änglagård

In a nice little follow up to our recent interview of her band’s new album, I caught up with Änglagård’s flautist Anna Holmgren for an interview.

July 27, 2012 Interviews
Not The Weapon But The Hand 2 Steve Hogarth & Richard Barbieri: Not The Weapon But The Hand Overall Score

Steve Hogarth & Richard Barbieri: Not The Weapon But The Hand

“Your beautiful face has aged, lost it’s power. You must have known it wouldn’t last forever. I see it in your daughter, but she’s a

May 18, 2012 Reviews
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