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2013 Proggies Results!

Ok folks, here are the results you’ve been waiting for. Now, I know that you could see the percentage results of the poll for the

April 01, 2013 News
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2013 Proggies™ Nominations

Fellow prog nerds, It’s Proggies™ time! The prog awards that don’t happen in the middle of the year. It is that time of the year

February 25, 2013 News
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Änglagård at Baja Prog Please!

This short news post is going to be completely biased and to the point: You want Änglagård at Baja Prog 2013, Änglagård wants Änglagård at Baja Prog, and

November 19, 2012 News
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Weekly News Update: Campaign Edition

I’ve let quite a bit of prog-related news accumulate in my inbox, so I suppose it’s time to stop stalling and deliver information to the

October 23, 2012 News
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Weekly News Update: Progressive Music Awards Recap

The very first Progressive Music Awards, headed by Prog Magazine and Orange Amplification, were presented in London on Wednesday, so it only seems right that

September 07, 2012 News
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Weekly News Update: Poop News Edition

I’d like to follow up Matt’s skimpy Bite-Size offering with a trifecta of crappy news stories this week. Actually, I’d like to take that back,

August 24, 2012 News
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Weekly News Update: Triumphant Return Edition

The Weekly News Update is back, and just look at that sexy new banner! After months of trying to find a job, finding a job,

August 17, 2012 News
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Weekly News Update: Personal Injury Edition

Ignore the above picture for just a minute – we’ll get back to it. For now, just know that it involves an injury to the

May 16, 2012 News
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Weekly News Update: Ayreon Edition

It’s been a week since Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s new album, “Lost in the New Real”, hit the shelves in Europe, and we here at Progulator

May 01, 2012 News
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Weekly News Update: 20 Albums Edition

Twenty albums. Just let that sink in for a moment. It’s the amount of studio (repeat: STUDIO) albums that will be listed in the discography

April 20, 2012 News
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