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Farfest Announcement! Legendary Prog Acts Await!

I have just received word from Greg Walker regarding Farfest and the slew of amazing bands such as Locanda delle Fate, Wobbler, Anekdoten and Maxophone

March 26, 2012 Concert, News
5 Days of Penance 0 5 Days of Penance – Day 1: Wintersun Overall Score

5 Days of Penance – Day 1: Wintersun

Today marks my first day in a journey of penance, to earn my way back into the good graces of my quasi-loyal readership as well

March 19, 2012 News
proggies 4

“Weekly” News Update: The Proggies™!!!

Ok, so our staff have been a little…busy…the last couple of weeks. For myself, my wife is pregnant, and the baby is due in three

March 08, 2012 News
Whitney Houston 0

Weekly News Update: Vocalist Edition

In came upon an interesting discussion following the recent passing of Whitney Houston. The only regular columnist I read is Bill Simmons, a sports columnist

February 18, 2012 News
whitespacescreenshot 3

Bi-Weekly News Update: Jealousy Edition

I’d like you, my intelligent and loyal readership, to please turn your attention to the header image of this post. What? There is no header

February 11, 2012 News
proggies 2

Nominations for The Proggies™

Alright, we’ve waited long enough, and it’s finally time to announce our nominations for the best (and even worst) of 2011. I’ve tried to include

February 01, 2012 News
Proggies 1

Weekly News Update: 2011 Proggies™ Edition

You’re damn right I’m going to combine my 2011 Proggies™ picks with a bi-weekly news update! You’re also damn right that it’s pretentious, dare I

January 28, 2012 Miscellaneous, News
NewYear 0

Weekly News Update: New Year’s Resolution Edition

It has come to my attention that certain prominent Progulator executives have accused me of a dereliction of duty, citing a general apathy about my

January 13, 2012 News

Best of 2011 According to Tyson

Well, it’s that time of year when everyone expects people that have have opinions about things, then publish those opinions, to sort through them and

January 12, 2012 News
trophy 1

Weekly News Upadate: The One That Markus Didn’t Write

Well, I figured since more than a week had passed since our last news update, it was time for another well timed and punctual Weekly

January 09, 2012 News
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