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DTLineup 0 Dream Theater: A Dramatic Turn of Events Overall Score

Dream Theater: A Dramatic Turn of Events

After the soap opera drama that has encircled the band since last year’s departure of founding member Mike Portnoy, culminating in the overly-dramatic The Spirit

October 18, 2011 Reviews

Concert Review: DT in the SLC!

A change of seasons has come as summer inevitably turned to fall, and fall has brought some excellent concert opportunities here in Utah Valley. A

October 10, 2011 Concert
The+Flower+Kings+TFK 3 The Flower Kings: Tour Kaputt Overall Score

The Flower Kings: Tour Kaputt

So, I get these really cool emails from Greg Walker at Synphonic Music letting me know what new stuff he’s just gotten in stock. My

October 10, 2011 Reviews
White-Willow-group-shot 0 White WIllow: Terminal Twilight Overall Score

White WIllow: Terminal Twilight

The Progulator Team is excited to take you through the nooks and crannies of Terminal Twilight, the newest effort by White Willow, so be prepared for

October 04, 2011 Reviews
Symphony-X 2 Symphony X: Iconoclast Overall Score

Symphony X: Iconoclast

For me, Symphony X was originally one of those bands where you buy their albums but don’t really “get it” until you see them live.

September 07, 2011 Reviews
lars 0 In Lingua Mortua: Salon Des Refusés Overall Score

In Lingua Mortua: Salon Des Refusés

For years, progressive music has been defined by a certain subtlety. Even when bands are utilizing percussive sounds or atonal passages, the listener is usually

August 02, 2011 Reviews
Art+Bears1 0

Art Bears: The World As It Is Today

“Even to-day, when individualism is rampant, art bears traces of its collective, social origin” (Jane Ellen Harrison,  Ancient Art and Ritual). Great quote, but what

July 27, 2011 Reviews
2811 4 Yugen: Iridule Overall Score

Yugen: Iridule

Marimba? Check. Harp? Check. Mandolin, tubax, thermin, mellotron, glockenspiel, prepared piano, contrabass, clarinet, hammond, etc? Check. Oh yeah, there’s guitars, bass, drums, and a bit

July 24, 2011 Reviews
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