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sunstone 0 The Psychedelic Ensemble: The Sunstone Overall Score

The Psychedelic Ensemble: The Sunstone

About a year and a half-ago The Psychedelic Ensemble (TPE) offered an incredible conceptual album in the form of The Tale of the Golden King. Well, TPE

April 14, 2015 Reviews
dewa band 0 Dewa Budjana: Hasta Karma Overall Score

Dewa Budjana: Hasta Karma

Dewa Budjana has been on my radar for a couple of years now due to his extraordinary blend of Indonesian folk with jazz and his

March 22, 2015 Reviews
amenophis-band 0

Amenophis: Time

Contemporary music criticism has become infected by its own version of retromania – in other words, its own obsession with the past. James Parker and

February 09, 2015 Reviews
zuffantiLivePrevMiniposter 0 Fabio Zuffanti Band: Il mondo che era mio – Live in Studio 2014 Overall Score

Fabio Zuffanti Band: Il mondo che era mio – Live in Studio 2014

Live in studio vs. live in concert? Honestly, I’ll take live in studio any day, as it really gives the band the chance to play

January 18, 2015 Reviews
bjorn header 0 Bjørn Riis: Lullabies in a Car Crash Overall Score

Bjørn Riis: Lullabies in a Car Crash

After a number of listens with Lullabies in a Car Crash, the debut solo album from Norwegian guitarist Bjørn Riis, I’ve come to a conclusion that

December 06, 2014 Reviews
Rhys Marsh 03 [September, 2014] â photo by Wil Lee-Wright [72dpi] 0 Rhys Marsh: Sentiment Overall Score

Rhys Marsh: Sentiment

Rhys Marsh has certainly been a busy man this year. Riding high off of Kaukasus’ stellar debut (which is certainly one of the top debuts

November 15, 2014 Reviews
moraine baja 1 Moraine: Groundswell Overall Score

Moraine: Groundswell

Few bands have come out of nowhere to surprise me like Moraine. About a year ago I was seated at the Nor Cal prog festival,

September 28, 2014 Reviews
FreddeGredde-in-Forest 1 FreddeGredde: Brighter Skies Overall Score

FreddeGredde: Brighter Skies

Just in case you were find yourself believing that Sweden is a magical fountain of good prog, well guess what, you’ve been proven right again.

September 02, 2014 Reviews
Seven Impale tree 0 Seven Impale: City of the Sun Overall Score

Seven Impale: City of the Sun

In case you aren’t familiar with them yet, Seven Impale is a young band with a convincing, modern vision of jazz. 2013 gave us their

August 22, 2014 Reviews
renaissance 0 Renaissance: Symphony of Light Overall Score

Renaissance: Symphony of Light

Perhaps unlike some of you, my introduction to Renaissance’s discography wasn’t chronological; rather than starting from the beginning, my first exposure to the band was

August 17, 2014 Reviews
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