In a nice little follow up to our recent interview of her band’s new album, I caught up with Änglagård’s flautist Anna Holmgren for an interview. And by “caught up,” I mean that I sent her an email and she responded. And by “interview,” I mean a handful of questions with ridiculously short and concise answers that might take you 4 minutes to read. Think of Anna and I as the champions of the “TL;DR” generation. We’re just lookin’ out for you all.


Progulator: What sort of wind instruments should we expect on Viljans Öga? Just flute, or will you be playing any others?

Anna Holmgren: I play flute, tenor saxophone and melodica (at one place only). And we have some guests playing clarinet, bass-clarinett, baritone saxophone, bass tuba and trumpets.

Prog: You’ve already recorded the album and even played the songs live on a few occasions. What is your favorite piece or section to play?

Anna: I love to play the melody (riff) on saxophone unison with the guitar on Sorgmantel in the second half of the song (7:51). But otherwise I completely adore to play Längtans Klocka!

Prog: How difficult was the transition of composing and recording as a band after such a long absence of nearly two decades?

Anna: Well, it doesn’t feel like that long time! And I must say that it felt a bit like back in the nineties to work together again. Same personalities and same issues…

Prog: Does Änglagård actually have a “band leader”, or is it just a collection of friends that take equal part in the band?

Anna: We don’t have a bandleader, and that makes everything harder. We have this democratic way of working. That’s why everything takes so long time but I would say that it’s what make the music also.

Prog: How does the absence of a second guitarist (in Tord Lindman) change the way you compose and perform, if at all?

Anna: We compose the way we always did, and I think that if Tord had been part of this album the music would have been even more interesting! He has really good musical ideas. Playing live is more difficult with only one guitarist, especially the old songs.

Prog: What was the most memorable moment during the recording of Viljans Öga?

Anna: Recording the intro of Längtans Klocka with flute and piano at the legendary Atlantis Studio in Stockholm, where so many great artists have recorded.

Prog: What was the most hilarious moment during the recording of Viljans Öga?

Anna: I can’t think of something right now.

Prog: Was there a particular food that the band ate a lot of while you were rehearsing/recording?

Anna: Lot’s of hamburgers…