While Daft Punk and Lorde may be leading the way in the pop music world (as determined by those passionate about meeting the needs of the masses while emptying their wallets), the prog world has to get some recognition, right? Well, I know what you’re all thinking: we have the Progressive Music Awards from Prog Magazine. Well, yes. We do. And while I would agree that Prog Magazine is perhaps the ultimate prog periodical, at times it can get a bit predictable in regards to who the big names are going to be that will win every award’s ceremony (aka Steven Wilson, Dream Theater, 70’s British bands, etc.). Not to say that their opinions don’t hold any validity,  but  everyone wants to throw in their own opinion; the staff at Progulator.com are no exception when it comes to battling out what the top releases of the year were.

And so we present, The Proggies…

Well, not yet. Just thought we’d tease you a little bit. Before the fighting comes to an end over the ultimate releases of 2013, and prior to asking you, our loyal readers, to lend us your voice as a part (even if it’s an abusive fraction) of our deciding vote, we present to you our individual staff picks for the best __________ (fill in the blank) of 2013. Expect bias, expect boldness, and expect some albums you may have not considered but will surely blow your socks off.

So, with much pleasure, several members of the Progulator staff will be releasing their shameless opinions about 2013’s progressive rock releases as we publish a chain of articles over the next week. Dare to disagree with us, but BEWARE! We may take it as a sign that you are an elite prog-journalist and we’ll make every effort to recruit you to write for Progulator.com! Enjoy!