To all who are wondering why we haven’t uploaded articles in a few weeks, I say, School has started.  For two of us (Kyler and myself) that means that we had to get our schedules finalized, buy a bunch of really expensive crap we probably won’t ever use again (except my zoom, which I will love like a child).  For “The Italian,” that means creating curriculum basically from scratch for his new teaching job and working 12-14 hour days.  May the prog gods grant that it end soon for him.  For Markus, it means taking a vacation to California….

But, fear not, we will be back very shortly.  I know that “The Italian” has at least 1 review that he has completed, and will post very shortly.  I am working on figuring out how to get access to the studio at my school to start writing a bunch of really fun recording/mixing/editing articles, as well as post all my adventures from my sound effects class, which is just as cool as it sounds.  Kyler has planned his next review, and will probably be at it shortly now that schedules have been finalized and what not.  Markus…..well, let’s just hope he comes back from vacation some day to write our beloved news posts.

One really exciting article that’s coming up is the review of White Willow’s new album that I should be getting here shortly.  We are all going to pitch in on this review, since it’s a new release, and the first album that a band has asked us to review.  I’m excited.

All of you who are still in school should be jealous of my schedule: sound effects, copyright/licensing of digital media, radio production, pro tools, and digital audio restoration.  There’s going to be a lot of really fun articles coming out of these, and hopefully I’ll be able to teach you guys something, or figure some cool stuff out myself.

In the meantime, keep on listening to awesome music.