Fellow prog nerds, It’s Proggies™ time! The prog awards that don’t happen in the middle of the year.

It is that time of the year when we nominate what we believe to be some of the outstanding albums that were released in 2012, in various and sundry categories, and you get to vote on who wins! At least for a few of the categories. Ok, so this is really just a glorified Progulator Staff Picks with a degree of reader participation, but yeah, whatever. We’re changing our format a little bit this year to be a little less time consuming for myself. There will be 5 categories open for reader votes on our staff’s favorites, as listed below. The Progulator staff will also be giving out other awards as listed below, based on our unhumble and completely qualified opinions. Voting will open at 12:00 am Mountain Standard Time on Feb 26th, and will close at 11:55 on on March 11th. I’ve added youtube links where I could find them to help refresh your memory or inform you as the case may be. More youtube links will be forthcoming, so be patient.

The categories (and nominations) open for voting are as follows:

Best album of 2012 – Should be self-explanatory.

  • Anglagard – Viljans Oga
  • Il Bacio Della Medusa – Deus Le Vult
  • Motorpsycho – The Death Defying Unicorn
  • Kaipa – Vittjar
  • Autumn Chorus – Village toe the Vale
  • Alphataurus – Atto Secondo
  • Arjen Anthony Lucassen – Lost in the New Real

Best composition (song) – The songs that best demonstrate expert composition.

Best metal album of 2012 – The album that makes you raise the horns and bang your head hard enough to cause an aneurysm.

  • Wintersun – Time I
  • Kamelot – Silverthorn
  • Headspace – I Am Anonymous
  • Katatonia – Dead End Kings
  • Xanthochroid – Blessed He with Boils
  • Stolen Babies – Naught
  • Borknagar – Urd

Best metal composition (song) – The metal song that rustles your Jimmies, gives you a raging bonzar, makes you tingly, makes you yell, but most importantly, makes the duration mighty and epic.

Best Album Production – The albums whose pre- and post-production most contribute to the artistic vision or feel of the albums as a whole.

  • Anglagard – Viljans Oga
  • Storm Corrosion – Storm Corrosion
  • Kaipa – Vittjar
  • Wintersun – Time I
  • Syndone – La Bella e la Bestia

The remaining categories, winners of which to be determined by the Progulator staff are as follows:

The “Pink Floyd ‘Games for May'” award for best 5.1 album

The “10,000 Days’ 3D Glasses” award for best album packaging

The “Etude of Excellence” award for best keyboard performance

The “Tony Banks Memorial” award for finest keyboard solo

The “Spinal Tap Curse” award for best drumming

The “Tito Puente Memorial” award for best percussion

The “Roth IRA Retirement Plan” award for best reissue

The “Go to Hell, We Don’t Even Get Paid!” award for best album we missed the previous year (release year 2011)

The “The Earth is Round, Bitches!” award for most original album

The “Record Producer Sex Tape” award for best debut album

The “‘Thanks, Oops I Crapped My Pants'” award for biggest Depends™ moment

The “Michael Bolton Memorial” award for best vocal performance (album)