Ok folks, here are the results you’ve been waiting for. Now, I know that you could see the percentage results of the poll for the votes, but they didn’t take into account the Progulator staff votes, which count for 75% of the total votes. And you thought you actually had a say in it. Shame. So, without further ado, the winners!

Best Album of 2012: Red, by Taylor Swift
Can’t argue with this one. This album is packed full of intelligent, groundbreaking songwriting, delivering one of the greatest crossover performances ever witnessed in the 45+ year history of the genre. Check out our full review of the album if you’re not convinced.

Best Composition (Song) of 2012: I Knew you were a Goat by Taylor Swift
This track has everything. Lyrics. Production. Compelling composition. Goats. This once-in-a-lifetime performance simply can’t be overlooked.

Best Metal Album of 2012: Red by Taylor Swift
Absolutely and without a doubt the most epic album of the bunch. Nothing else compared to it, just like nothing else managed to pack in so many memorable musical sequences with so much brütality. That’s right, it even deserves an umlaut over the “u”.

Best Metal Composition (Song) of 2012: I Knew you were a Goat by Taylor Swift
A no brainer. So heavy it’s almost unlistenable, yet you can’t pull your ears away because of Swift’s incredible use of goat vocals, something that hasn’t been seen since Abominable Putridity’s Throat Fisting Abortion.


Best Album Production of 2012: Red by Taylor Swift
How could it NOT be, with a 38 member production crew taking part in bringing this masterpiece to the public.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the our Staff Pick awards!