I’d like you, my intelligent and loyal readership, to please turn your attention to the header image of this post. What? There is no header image, you say? Just some white space? That’s right! This is my not-so-silent protest of the obvious favoritism going on within Progulator management. Just a few days ago, we were treated to the first offering of Matt’s new post, Bite-size Prog, an interesting and well-written segment that deserves any accolades it undoubtedly will receive. What I also noticed was the custom header image specially made for this post, of which there has only been one edition! Yes, it’s not exactly the greatest header image ever and yes, the picture inexplicably depicts three pieces of fecal matter on a plate, but that’s not the point. The Artist Formerly Known As Weekly News Update has been delivering material in a semi-consistent manner since practically the inception of this fine music blog. And yet here I am, header image-less and struggling to find different pictures each and every time I post. Ridiculous. Where’s the love!?! Without furthur ado… THE NEWS:

  • Ready for a bit of news that was completely unexpected? Jethro Tull recently announced a new concept album, Thick as a Brick 2. That’s right. A spiritual successor to the iconic progressive release is set to arrive at your CD player on April 2, and we can all either revel in an unbelievable return to form from one of the greats or we can whine and complain about how our expectations of an epic ending to Gerald Bostock’s story were dashed in the fiery flames of modern musical incompetence. Or something in between. Also intriguing about the album is the planned 5.1 surround mix and 24-bit stereo mix that will accompany the Special Edition. Tyson’s already happy.
  • Legendary Swedes The Flower Kings have mercifully decided to end their 5-year hiatus and gift us with another album. The official press release cited June 6 as the ship date for the yet unnamed album, which will include “a 23 min epic centerpiece” and will feature “all musicians performing live in a room thru 70’s vintage tube recording equipment and famous NEVE consoles.” Just remember: their music is a whole lot better than their spelling and grammar.
  • Former vocalist Jon Anderson released a statement on Wednesday quashing rumors that he was asked to rejoin Yes, citing his solo career and tour that appear to be taking up the bulk of his time. I find it interesting that this required an official “Statement To The Press,” but at least we know. So get it straight you rogue tweeters: Jon Anderson and Yes are still not sleeping together.
  • Steven Wilson’s band has released their live album, called “Catalogue / Preserve / Amass,” in either the regular sealed version or a version graced by the steady, precise hand of Mr. Wilson himself. Didn’t get that, did you? It’s signed by the man, but it’ll cost you an extra five euros, which I think is like $114 USD or something. Anyway, the album is available only at shows on the upcoming tour or here.