That’s right, Dream Theater posted a clip off of one of their songs on youtube today.  The last song they posted honestly gave me really high hopes for the album (except for the drumming), mostly because Jordan Rudess’ stuff was really interesting, and he didn’t have any of his trademark solos.  Petrucci’s guitar parts were also generally more interesting than usual, and LaBrie’s voice didn’t feel like ear sandpaper.  This new clip isn’t quite as good, but it is a clip, and I think the goal here was something accessible, so I won’t be too hard on it

The drumming is still my biggest gripe.  I don’t know if Mangini is just trying to fit in, but if I were him, I would come out both guns blazing trying to say something like “This Mike can kick ass too!” instead of pussy-footing around, and playing parts that aren’t very noticeable at all.  It sounds like Mike Portnoy, without the annoying fills and snare sound, but turned down a few notches.  Do something cool to give the mixer an excuse to freaking turn you up man!  The guitars were pretty normal dream theater fare, landing more on the good side, at least for a verse type section.  The vocals weren’t bad, which is saying quite a bit.  The keyboards were pretty good.  I have a raging man crush on Jordan Rudess, and anytime he is given more freedom to do cool stuff, I approve.  The organ/guitar duo at the beginning is cool.  I definitely want to hear the whole album, and I’m probably going to pre-order it.

Here’s the link since embedding has been disabled: