The Psychedelic Ensemble has announced that he is completing a fifth studio album.  The album promises some exciting guest contributions and the return of female vocalist, Ann Caren.  A November release is expected and fans should be on the lookout for some exclusive pre-order offers available soon at The Psychedelic Ensemble Official Website (


Legendary Swedish progressive rock band KAIPA returns in November 2014 with their 12th studio album “Sattyg”.

The unique mix of Swedish folk music, rock and fusion with a tinge of medieval music has given the band a special place in many peoples heart all around the world. The magic sense of wonder that characterizes their latest albums has been taken to a new level with “Sattyg”. Unpredictable paths are discovered on this new expedition and as always they take you to explore new exciting horizons but at the same time the band returns to its roots to bring you familiar classic Kaipa music.

Release dates: Europe November 10th 2014, US January 13th 2015
Label: Inside Out/Century Media

CD Digipak
Gatefold 2 LP + CD

1. A Map Of Your Secret World (15:02)
2. World Of The Void (7:49)
3. Screwed-upness (13:06)
4. Sattyg (3:13)
5. A Sky Full Of Painters (14:42)
6. Unique When We Fall (5:17)
7. Without Time – Beyond Time (9:49)

Photo: TRANSATLANTIC  Live  Kaleiveoscope DVD/CD/BlueRay  - from Cologne & Tilburg pre-order and read more here :


Transatlantic Live Kaleiveoscope DVD/CD/BlueRay – from Cologne & Tilburg pre-order and read more here :


“Moraine’s most recent metamorphosis highlights their recurring theme of unbridled invention — undeterred by convention and delivered convincingly, with abandon! Brushing aside all preconception, Dennis Rea and company courageously initiate proceedings from a place to which most modern progressive bands can only dream of ascending. Featuring a host of engaging new originals as well as pieces written for the band by composers Daniel Barry and Jon Davis, Groundswell is certain to cement the band’s standing as a singular voice like no other in the modern progressive jazz-rock continuum.

“Building on the momentum generated by their previous releases for MoonJune Records, Moraine draws from the more exotic facets of the avant-garde and fusion equations. (Their critically-heralded debut, 2009’s manifest deNsity (MJR028), and 2012’s spectacular follow-up, Metamorphic Rock: Live at NEARfest (MJR040), garnered hundreds of glowing reviews worldwide, earning the band a diverse following ranging from jazz aficionados to metalheads to world-music enthusiasts and beyond.) Moments of “early-Crimsonesque” intensity are often balanced out by a more Eastern approach to melody, arrangement, and ensemble delivery; the music is delightfully fresh and unpredictable throughout. Brilliant compositions decorated by powerful themes, sudden shifts, sensitive group dynamics, and fiery solo excursions dominate this session, as Moraine reveals a more psychedelic vibe while remaining collectively and steadfastly plugged into the magic of the moment at hand.

“Lovers of the best offerings from the RIO, classic fusion, prog rock, avant-garde, progressive jazz, free jazz, and Eastern music genres will all find plenty to sink their teeth into here — but that only starts to penetrate the surface of this delectable amalgamation. All of the band’s components — leader/guitarist Rea, violinist Alicia DeJoie, saxophonist/flutist James DeJoie, bassist Kevin Millard, and the band’s newest addition, seasoned veteran drummer Tom Zgonc — are in peak form, playing in highly-inspired fashion, on this very special outing.

Groundswell is one of the most ambitious, far-reaching albums from the progressive genre this year. This is ‘brave new fusion’ – as its title might infer, this one is destined to leave a mark!”

REGAL WORM: “Neither Use Nor Ornament”

There’s a new Regal Worm release!

‘Neither Use Nor Ornament (A Small Collection of Big Suites)’

In this latest collection, the Regal Worm has created a monumental quintych. Two eighteen minute-plus guardians bookending a trio of short unruly children, to prevent them from escaping and setting fire to things.

Birthed once again in Pig View studio (a vintage equipment-crammed garret of wonder); aided by choicest heavy friends, the new album knits dark, playful lyricism with rhythmic, angular, multi-layered PROG sound buds. Indeed, a distillation of the highly detailed, anarchic and lysergic tingle of ‘Use And Ornament’, the critically acclaimed debut from last year.

“We could do with some more of this!” Prog Magazine
“There is absolutely no reason at all why any prog fan should not buy this bite of crunchy apple goodness right now.” DPRP
“I love the new record by Regal Worm, ‘Use And And Ornament’, I really love it.”Stuart Maconie’s Freakzone BBC Radio 6 Music

Nesting in a gloriously surreal Varrod Goblink cover, ‘Neither Use Nor Ornament (A Small Collection of Big Suites)’ is programmed to escape and infest Earth on October 13th 2014 on CD, Download and Ltd “Box Of Suites” Edition

Photo: Preorder nowego albumu Lunatic Soul wraz z singlem "Cold" na blaszce - tylko na stronie Mystic Production!,lunatic_soul-walking_on_a_flashlight_beam_ltd_cddvdbonus_singiel_cd_tylko_via_mysticplautograf_pre-order,20708.htmUtworu "Cold" pochodz?cego z najnowszej p?yty "Walking on a Flashlight Beam" pos?ucha? mo?na tutaj:


Lunatic Soul
Offer fans free download of new track ‘Cold’

Ahead of the release of the brand new album, WALKING ON A FLASHLIGHT BEAM, Lunatic Soul are giving fans a glimpse into what to expect with an opportunity to stream and download the new track ‘Cold’ at this link:
Lunatic Soul is led by Mariusz Duda, who is a member of the Polish progressive rock band, Riverside, who are a big deal in Eastern Europe. Many of us, including Porcupine Tree’s label, KScope, are involved with spreading the word on Mariusz, and would appreciate you giving him listen.

Mariusz Duda says about WALKING ON A FLASHLIGHT BEAM, “The new album is about self-imposed solitude and is a prequel to the black and white history. Musically – it will be slightly different, less oriental, more… alternative. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever created – the most elaborate, diverse and coherent Lunatic Soul release.”

WALING ON A FLASHLIGHT BEAM is due for release on 13th October (UK, France & RoW) / 17th October Germany / 28th October USA & Canada, through Kscope (Anathema, Engineers, Steven Wilson) and Mystic Production in Poland fans can pre-order the album here: