Our recent interview with Fabio Zuffanti (Hostsonaten, La Maschera di Cera, etc.) talked about this a little, but here’s the full press release for the new Zuffanti solo record:

Fabio Zuffanti is the leader of prog bands such as Maschera Di Cera, Hostsonaten and Finisterre. For twenty years in the music scene he is recognized as one of the important representatives of the Italian progressive scene, in addition to being repeatedly been held up by the national and international press as “The Italian response to Steven Wilson”.

 Zuffanti has started the recordings of his new solo album at the Hilary Study of Genoa with the support of Rossano Villa, sound engineer and co-arranger. The disc will be released on January 15, 2014 on the AMS / BTF label. It will be an album of pure symphonic prog with jazz-rock and dark veins – very different from the previous three Zuffanti’s solo work – played by a group of very talented musicians. The concept will be based on “The Mirror in the Mirror”, a book of Gothic and surreal tales written by Michael Ende.
In conjunction with the album will also be released new book by Zuffanti. A sort of diary written almost daily that tell of the genesis and making of the album, fabio’s twenty-year in music, thoughts related to the everyday’s life, meetings, memories, past and future projects, letters to someone or anyone.
On Fabio Zuffanti’s blog, as the recordings go on, there will be video clips, comments and news on the work in progress in the studio.
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Team Zuffanti