Well, I figured since more than a week had passed since our last news update, it was time for another well timed and punctual Weekly News Update. This one is kind of a special one though, since I won’t be talking about music news, but the much more interesting and useful Progulator news. Because we actually have some. And its kind of cool. So without much ado, here are the relevant topics:

We have a new staff member! Our good friend Corey Ostler (who, along with Kyler, Matt, and myself were in a band until Matt decided Utah was just too cold, and runnoft to California) is going to do some awesome writing for us. Did I mention that he’s also a designer? If any of you have wondered why our site went from the ugly but working blue and gray to the much prettier thing you see before you (which is still not quite done), we can blame Corey. There are more prettyfying changes in the future too that we’re working on. Corey will be writing reviews and artist spotlights, which will basically…you know…spotlight a given artist. The goal with these is to give some of the really obscure artists that email me about reviews a little time to shine, or just what’s on his mind. It’s gonna be good folks.

Secondly and finally, we are having the first annual Progulator Awards, or “Progulators,” filled, as per our usual, with our honest opinion, and a load of crap on the side. We are finishing the final nomination stage now, and will be calling for reader votes (yes, all 7 of you) to help us decide who will receive the prestigious and influential awards. Those artists who win will receive the ability to hold their nose just a little higher in the presence of others, feel better about themselves then all their friends make fun of them (because at least some nerds on the internet like them), and, most importantly, nothing else! The categories range from serious to silly, and hopefully you approve of them:

  • Best Album
  • Best Production
  • Most Original Album
  • Best Album Presentation (packaging/artwork)
  • Best Keyboard Performance (album)
  • Best Keyboard Solo
  • Best Mellotron Moment
  • Best Drumming
  • Best Percussion
  • Best Flute Performance
  • Best Composition
  • Best Live DVD
  • Biggest Depends Moment (use your imagination)
  • 3 Biggest Fails
  • Most Pretentious Lyrics
  • Most Pretentious Band Photo
  • Most Pretentious Liner Notes
  • Best Chord Progression
  • Best Metal Album
  • Best Video Game Music

So there you have it. Is Wobbler going to win most pretentious band photo? Is dream theater going to monopolize the three Biggest Fails? Is there anyone who can stand against Mattias Olsson’s awesome drumming? We shall find out soon. The list of nominations will be up later this week.