Twenty albums. Just let that sink in for a moment. It’s the amount of studio (repeat: STUDIO) albums that will be listed in the discography of progressive rock legends Rush on June 12th, when they release Clockwork Angels. It’s not terribly rare for bands to release albums nearly forty years apart, but releasing them consistently over that time and with such volume is another feat entirely. The only comparable group that my hack research staff (um… myself) could come up with was The Enid, and even they had a ten year gap in releases, not to mention the fact that their fame level and fan base isn’t at all comparable to that of the mighty Canadian trio. Put it this way: thanks to 1974’s Rush being released months before the end of Richard Nixon’s presidency and 2012’s Clockwork Angels due to be released before this year’s Presidential Elections, Rush will have released a studio album during eight different United States presidencies. Congratulations to Rush, one of the hardest working groups in music. And without further ado… THE NEWS:

  • Actually, let’s stay on Rush for a little while longer. A single off the upcoming album, titled Headlong Flight, can be heard on the website for Lucifer’s music magazine. The track is deeply rooted in hard rock, reminiscent of the sound found in “Fly By Night,” and includes a couple of fun throwbacks for Rush geeks: you can hear some not-so-subtle nods to “Bastille Day” and “By-Tor and the Snow Dog.” Like every other Rush album, this one promises to be nothing but good, quality rock.
  • Speaking of releasing a bunch of studio albums, British progressive rock outfit Marillion has announced their 17th studio album, Sounds That Can’t Be Made, to be released “sometime before September 2012,” according to a press release posted on Seventeen albums since 1983? You’d almost think they’d have something better to do. The Campaign Edition of the album, which includes 128 pages of artwork and lyrics with a bonus DVD in a deluxe hard back book, is available for pre-order on the band’s site.