A few days ago, Cynic, one of my personal favorite “extreme progressive metal” bands, posted an excruciatingly short teaser on Youtube for their upcoming EP (you can read all about it on Metalstorm). Weighing in at one minute and eighteen seconds, the clip and it’s accompanying slide show was just long enough to pique my interest, and about three minutes short of ensuring that I wasn’t going to get pissed off that I’m waiting until November 11 for the release. In retrospect, I would like to propose a new law for album teasers, called the 20% rule. I feel like the album previews for Wobbler’s Rites at Dawn (9 minute preview; 46 minute album) and the recently reviewed Terminal Twilight from White Willow (10 minute preview; 50 minute album) were adequate: enough material to wet your whistle, but didn’t give the best moments away. In those instances, the teaser wound up being 20% of the length of the full album, a good round number. The teaser for Steven Wilson’s “Grace for Drowning”? Two and a half minutes, or 0.00002% of the full album, give or take a few percentage points. Impotent album teasers: you are officially on notice. Without further ado… THE NEWS:

  • Speaking of Cynic, they released a track off the new EP shortly after that pathetic excuse for a teaser; you can download it or listen to it at the Season of Mist website. Unlike the teaser, though, the track did not disappoint. No harsh vocals on this one, but the track managed to merge my favorite aspects of Cynic’s progressive metal side with some genuinely dark and ambient moments. I’ve enjoyed the evolution of this band over the years, but I guess when you take as much time as these guys do between albums (*cough* A friggin’ decade! *cough*), you actually do start to evolve. Literally.
  • AOL Music is streaming Road Salt Two, the new album from Pain of Salvation, in it’s entirety. The album just released a few days ago, so you pirates can actually buy a copy and delete your torrented, low-bit rate pile of crap mp3’s you’ve been listening to these past few weeks. You know, if you actually want to obey the law. Or you could just listen to the album for free on AOL Music. Dealer’s choice.
  • Progarchives.com is reporting that Christian Vander is releasing a tribute album to jazz legend John Coltrane, due out October 15. Vander is probably best known as the founder of Magma, the eccentric, loveable, crazy, they-might-have-been-abducted-by-aliens progressive rock pioneers from France. The most interesting part of the press release is the reverant and almost tantric way Vander describes and honors Coltrane. I’m not kidding, go read it yourself.