I’ve let quite a bit of prog-related news accumulate in my inbox, so I suppose it’s time to stop stalling and deliver information to the people! Our “competitors” would have you believe that their progressive music news is better or more accurate, but let me tell you, my fellow prog listeners – this couldn’t be further from the truth! Who has been with you during the worldwide recession, offering nothing but the best content for free? Progulator. Who has made a special effort to identify upcoming bands that you can listen to on Progstreaming for free? Progulator (well, mostly Matt)! Who has given you snarky, half-wit commentary and general mockery of all of your favorite bands… for free?!? Progulator!! Keep our world safe from shoddy music, and vote Progulator 2012!!! Without further ado… THE NEWS:

Here’s further proof that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a complete joke: Rush and Deep Purple have each been nominated for entry for the very first time. Are you kidding? Rush, one of the most iconic rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s, second only to Iron Maiden for the world’s biggest cult following, has to wait this long to get in? Other nominees to the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” include rap groups N.W.A and Public Enemy. Sometimes I hate music.

It was fun while it lasted. Änglagård, the iconic Swedish symphonic proggers, have essentially broken up again, after reuniting for another amazing album and a few live shows in 2012. The band is still active, but Jonas Engdegård (guitars), Thomas Johnson (keyboards) and Mattias Olsson (drums/percussion) have all left and been replaced. Jonas was at least replaced by original guitarist and singer Tord Lindman, who I really enjoyed from the original two albums, but Thomas and Mattias are arguably the two most important/irreplaceable members of Änglagård. I will be very interested to see how much of a drop off, if any, there will be on the next album.

Arjen Luccassen announced, in a very clever and fun YouTube video, that he is working on a new Ayreon project. Umm… take that, Matt! I was going to be gracious, but I can’t help myself. I accept this as a personal victory, and I can only assume that Arjen thought about it and said, “you know what,” (or something similar in Dutch) “I don’t think that ‘Lost in the New Real’ is an Ayreon album at all. Why don’t I rectify this situation and put Matt and Tyson’s stupid arguments to rest by releasing a REAL Ayreon album.” Thanks, Arjen. You’re the best.

Anette Olzon has quit Finnish symphonic metal group Nightwish right smack in the middle of the U.S. tour, meaning Tyson got to see Anette sing at the Salt Lake City show and Matt got to see his female singer crush Floor Jansen (ex-After Forever) sing in San Francisco (she’ll be replacing Anette for the remainder of the tour). They did fine when Tarja left, so I can only assume that Nightwish will continue to be insanely popular in Finland for years to come.

Due to distance, economic hardship and piracy, The Tangent has been forced to dissolve it’s current lineup and cancel the remainder of it’s currently scheduled tour. You can read more details in their announcement here. Luckily, band leader Andy Tillison added this remark to keep Matt from jumping off a bridge or something: “It’s ironic, but during this very difficult and stressful time I have been writing some of the most ambitious music in the band’s history. I hope to release Tangent album number 7 next year.”

I’m not the hugest fan of their music but I have plenty of respect for their song length. Godspeed You! Black Emperor has announced their first new album in a decade. The album will have four tracks (pretty standard for these guys) and will be released on October 16th.