Yeah, I know that the Fall season “technically” arrived a week ago for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, but it just doesn’t feel like it until September is behind us, giving way to the great month of October! It’s in a three-way tie for my favorite month, probably because Halloween is friggin’ awesome but also because it’s time for pumpkin pie, horror flicks and some good, dark prog. (I recommend Devil Doll. Listen to Dies Irae with the lights off some time – you’ll thank me later.) Unfortunately, the start of Fall also seems to be a little skimpy on news, so I guess it also brings short news updates. Without further ado… THE NEWS:

  • According to, Angra vocalist Edu Falaschi announced that he’s taking a break from singing duties to concentrate on producing and composing. Little did we know, Edu is actually a natural baritone, meaning he was singing WAY out of his range on the four albums he’s done with Angra. Actually, it’s pretty impressive that he can even do that. I wonder if it works the other was around. Do you think King Diamond can sing like Louie Armstong?
  • Remember when I said to keep an eye out for the return of Gigantour? You know, how maybe there might be some cool progressive bands on the bill? Early indications are… I may have fibbed. In an recent interview, Dave Mustaine threw out headlining names like Motörhead and Volbeat for the 2012 tour. Not saying they’re bad bands, ’cause they’re not, I’m just not hearing anything progressive. Stay tuned for other bands, but I’m not getting my hopes too far up.