You heard correctly: free legal music music. More specifically, free PROGRESSIVE music — and all while obeying the zillion-some-odd laws of this fine country. Just go to, a new site that lets you stream new progressive rock releases in their entirety. The only catch is that an album is only available from the time it’s released up to a maximum of two months, so listen soon and listen often ’cause the stock will be changing. Without further ado… THE NEWS:

  • For those of you who love Scandinavian prog (I just pulled a muscle raising my hand too fast), White Willow is going to be releasing a new album, “Terminal Twilight,” in October through Termo Records. The band will be featuring Lars Fredrik Frøislie (of Wobbler and In Lingua Mortua) on keys, and Mattias Olsson (of Änglagård) on drums. This is starting to be too much… I need to move on…
  • At the ripe age of 61, Steve Hackett will be gracing us with yet another solo album, adding to his absurdly large discography. You may know our dear friend Stevie from his work with Genesis — you know, the good Genesis albums (The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway is a personal favorite). His new album, “Beyond the Shrouded Horizon,” is due to be released on September 26 through Inside Out/EMI Records.
  • I point blank refused to make Dream Theater or its various appendages (that would be you, Portnoy) to be headline news for three weeks in a row, so I relegated them to the bottom of the post. Anyway, Dream Theater tour dates have been confirmed, and there had better be more coming because several important states are conspicuously absent. Either way, check out the band’s site to keep an eye on the dates as they roll in — you know you want to go see DT 2.0!