I’ve been thinking a lot about my Halloween costume during the past few days, mostly in regard to how guys are supposed to still be creative with their costumes as they get older without looking absolutely ridiculous. Women just get to pick something (i.e. tiger, robot, fairy, Charles Manson), and make it “sexy,” and it just works. Guys don’t have it so easy. Anywho, I’ve been wondering what some of my favorite musical artists dress up as for Halloween. If Mr. Doctor even has time between his rigorous study and genius musings, does he go out and spook the locals in some vampire costume? Does Tobias Sammet even have to dress up? These are the questions that keep me up at night (not really, I lie). Without further ado… THE NEWS.

  • Agents of Mercy, a Ne0-Prog group featuring The Flower Kings’ Roine Stolt, have produced another fine musical offering for your listening pleasure. “The Black Forest,” a 57-minute concept album, is available online though The Flower Kings’ web store.
  • If you go to this website, you can listen to the reissue of Death’s Individual Thought Patterns. All 34 tracks. Death fans rejoice in free Schuldiner!
  • A certain old prog band that may or may not be dead to me as of 1981 is allegedly releasing a new live album, as reported by Prog Archives. It’s not that I hate new Yes music………. actually, no, I DO hate new Yes music. I wish “Owner of a Lonely Heart” didn’t exist, and much of the time I refuse to acknowledge it completely. I mean, C’MON! THIS IS THE BAND THAT RELEASED “RELAYER!” C’MON!