Humble Apology Edition? What could that mean? It couldn’t POSSIBLY have ANYTHING to do with the fact that I’ve gone about a month without posting anything relevant on this site, could it? I have a list of reasons/excuses for why this is, not the least of which is my moving back in with the parentals because the economy blows, but I won’t bore you with the details and you probably don’t care anyway. Fine. I didn’t even WANT your sympathy. Without further ado… THE NEWS:

  • It’s a pretty safe bet that the only reason this is making the update is because I’m looking for an argument in the comments section over whether this band is progressive or not: Radiohead is playing on the “The Colbert Report” on September 26. According to Yahoo! News, the occasion is so special for host Stephen Colbert that this will be the show’s first hour-long episode. Is Radiohead a progressive band? Let the debate begin!
  • Word has been going around about Mike Portnoy suing Dream Theater. According to official court documents, um, he did. Back in April. Why is everybody talking about this still? My favorite part of the court filing: part of what Portnoy is seeking is “a judicial declaration that defendants may not use the name of the Band… without plaintiff s consent.” I now get to fantasize about the following dialogue:

John Petrucci: “Um, Mike…” (Stares at ground, clasps hands behind back and kicks at the ground like a third grade boy) “Can we, um, like, use Dream Theater for our upcoming live release.”

Mike Portnoy, smiling: “Say please!”

Petrucci: “…”

  • Finally, I get to post some hot, breaking news! In a press release yesterday, it was announced that Neal Morse will be releasing a “massive 2 DVD/3 CD set” title Testimony 2: Live in Los Angeles, set for worldwide release on November 8. The release will feature “an incredible 8-piece band featuring Mike Portnoy.” Bringing it full circle, baby!
  • Gentle Giant is promoting upcoming re-releases of Octopus and Three Friends by making a series of appearances all over the place. Why is this relevant? Because you can access them through the internet and radio; just check out the schedule some dude posted on The re-releases are set to be released on September 27.