It has come to my attention that certain prominent Progulator executives have accused me of a dereliction of duty, citing a general apathy about my person. According to them, I have “supposedly” not been posting my news updates in a timely fashion and have “allegedly” taken what has amounted to a nearly 1 1/2 month Christmas break, all while “purportedly” not returning any of their calls. I would just like to state, for the record, that these heinous and baseless accusations amount to an assassination of my character and besmirch my good name — and that they are completely, 100% true. That’s right, I said it. In fact, for my New Year’s resolution, I’m going to resolve to not feel guilty about missing and/or erratically posting news updates. And… done! Wow! This has been the best New Year’s resolution ever. And without further ado… THE NEWS:

  • MIKE PORTNOY ALERT! I know you all missed him, so don’t even pretend like you’re anything but secretly excited about what I’m about to say. Remember that rumored project involving legendary virtuoso talents Portnoy, the Morse’s (Steve and Neal), Dave LaRue and some pop singer who undoubtedly is only part of the project because of said Portnoy? Well, they are releasing an album coming up on March 27, under the band name “Flying Colors.” If you want to get pumped about it, or whatever it is you kids are calling it these days, check out the video here.
  • For those of you who have never heard of Maxwell’s Demon… educate yourselves immediately, then you may continue reading. The eclectic prog troupe has announced on their Facebook page that they’ve finished the first fourth of Tess, a massive project that could either be released as four 30-minute EP’s (meaning we’ll be hearing new music from them soon… yay!) or one massive album (meaning we’ll be waiting even longer for new material… boo!). Either way, I get to talk about Maxwell’s Demon.
  • In sadder news, a post on the Black Sabbath Facebook page reported that guitar legend Tony Iommi, a founding member of Sabbath, has been diagnosed with lymphoma, a form of cancer. I would associate the majority of Iommi’s musical career, especially with Black Sabbath, as more Hard Blues than any other style, but the man is one of the Godfathers of metal, and one could even make an argument for tracks such as “Black Sabbath” and “War Pigs” having a compositional style and uniqueness consistent with progressive music during the time period (early 70’s). Either way, I think I speak for everyone at Progulator when I wish Tony a speedy recovery.