Ignore the above picture for just a minute – we’ll get back to it. For now, just know that it involves an injury to the most important member of a prominent band. This got me thinking about the different injuries over the (relatively) brief history of rock/metal. You’ve got Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi losing the tips of two fingers on his fretting hand. The Who’s Pete Townshend skewered his hand on a whammy bar while doing his patented windmill move in the late 80’s. Nirvana’s bassist throwing his instrument up in the air, only to have it come down and bash him in the skull. And what about the fans? How about every fan who has helped to increase the quality of the human gene pool by participating in the Wall of Death, or the many, many people who will inevitably suffer some form of head injury via headbanging, according to the British Journal of Medicine. Drop a comment if you have any music related injuries – we’d love to hear about them. Without further ado… THE NEWS:

  • Shall we get back to that picture at the top of this post? The head wound belongs to Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt, who suffered the gash by hitting his head in Mastodon’s tour bus while “getting a new pair of (red) underwear” out of his suitcase, according to the band’s Facebook page. He missed that evening’s show in Minnesota.
  • On May 3rd, Steve Hackett, formerly of Genesis, tweeted that he talked about project ideas with Marillion’s Steve Rothery. I’m setting the current odds at 20:1 that this album isn’t groundbreaking in any way. Prove me wrong, Steve (and Steve)!