I’d like to follow up Matt’s skimpy Bite-Size offering with a trifecta of crappy news stories this week. Actually, I’d like to take that back, at least partially: Isis deserves more respect than that. But the other two news stories are genuinely uninteresting. In fact, I’m shocked that you’re still reading. Morbid curiosity? Is it like the train wreck effect, where you just can’t peel your eyes off of the twisted metal and general inhumane carnage? Hmm. Perhaps you should visit a therapist, preferably soon. Without further ado… THE NEWS:

Let’s start with Isis, who is planning to release “Temporal” on November 6th. The band broke up back in 2010, so “Temporal” represents a package of unreleased rarities, remixes and videos that will represent the entirety of the band’s relatively illustrious 13-year career. Our own Tyson is a fan of this Progressive/Post-Rock group, so it’s worth it to pick this up if you’d like to give them a try.

Good news, you 14 remaining Supertramp fans out there: your favorite fluff-rock band will be releasing the video of their live LP from Paris in 1979. No US release, but you’ll be able to find it by August 27 on Amazon UK or some other Euro site that will probably infest your computer with a dozen STDs. But I digress. All I know about Supertramp is that my mother liked Supertramp back in the 80s, and I’m certain that the only semi Prog-related group my mother has EVER liked is the damn Moody Blues. I believe that’s all that that needs to be said.

Metalstorm.net has reported that Aerosmith has just released a new song titled “Lover Alot”, which features a duet between Steven Tyler and bassist Tom Hamilton and will appear on the band’s upcoming album, “Music From Another Dimension”, due to be released on November 6. There are two pieces of news here, and we’ve already covered the first one. New Aerosmith song – nobody cares. The second piece of news is that my beloved Metalstorm.net reported on it, which should cause all of the true kvlt black metal fans out there to riot and begin throwing rancid hot dogs and animal teeth at the site’s headquarters. Shame on you, Metalstorm!