Ok, so our staff have been a little…busy…the last couple of weeks. For myself, my wife is pregnant, and the baby is due in three weeks, so I’ve spent the majority of my free time putting together furniture, moving all my cool computer/audio stuff out from the “office/art studio” and downstairs to the “new office/kitchen/tv room” and converting the “office/art studio” to a “nursery/art studio.” I sold my .40 for a crib, didn’t buy a single CD last month so we could buy a few more things, pay off some debt, and what have you. I’ve been busy. And I’m not going to lie, I wasted more than a few hours trying to edit our “really awesome” video podcast announcing the winners of the Proggies™, but in the end, it just turned out to be an “almost mediocre” affair that wasn’t entertaining at all to watch. Am I a few articles behind schedule? Yes. So, last week, I called markus, told him what was up, and sent him the Proggies™ results to post in a weekly news update…which as you can tell he didn’t do. I think he’s gone all Henry David Thoreau and got himself arrested for tax evasion, which is ironic since he works at H&R Block for the tax season. Or maybe he’s holed up in some garden somwhere, huffing the dirt, trying to be existentialist. Either way, he’s been off the radar too, and since I have some free time right now, I thought I’d update everyone on the Proggies™.

The way we worked the votes was that the readers (you guys) would get about 50% of the votes. Each of the Progulator staff got a vote, and then Progulator as a whole got a vote based who we voted for, which accounted for the other 50%. In the case of a tie, dice were rolled (d100 for you nerds), and the winner of our vote was decided that way. It ended up working very well, though I think we’ll do something a little less complicated next year. Generally, the fan votes held out since we all have different opinions, but once or twice we overturned a vast majority because we felt it was necessary. I might tell you what category it was. Maybe. Now, without further ado, here are the long awaited results:

Best Album 2011: Wobbler – Rites At Dawn

Best Production: White Willow – Terminal Twilight

Most Original Album: Ske – 1000 Autunni

Best Album Presentation: Opeth – Heritaage

Best Keyboard Performance: Lars Fredrik Frøislie – Rites At Dawn

Best Keyboard Solo: Lalle Larsson – The Black Forest

Best Drumming: Martin Axenrot – Heritage

Best Percussion: Mattias Olsson – Terminal Twilight

Best Flute Performance: Ketil Einarsen – Terminal Twilight

Best Composition (Song): Wobbler – In Orbit

Best Metal Album: Obscura – Omnivium

Biggest Depends Moment: The Last 45 seconds of Wobbler’s The River

Failiest Moments of Fail: Dream Theater’s Drum Mix.

Best Mellotron Moment: Nicklas Barker – El Ultimo Fin de Semana

Most Pretentious Lyrics: Unexpect – Fables of the Sleepless Empire

Most Pretentious Band Photo: Wobbler

Most Pretentious Liner Notes: Ske – 1000 Autunni

Best Chord Progression: Wobbler – In Orbit

Congrats to all the winners, and remember to claim your prize of an inflated ego!