The Weekly News Update is back, and just look at that sexy new banner! After months of trying to find a job, finding a job, settling in to that job, and still finding the energy to spend all my free time with my girlfriend, I feel like it’s time again to clear my schedule up each week to write my favorite Progulator article. Let’s see what major stories we’ve missed these last few months:

  1. Änglagård releases an album after nearly 20 years.
  2. …?

Wait… WHAT?!? That’s it!?! You’re telling me that I’ve been feeling guilty for not bringing the weekly progressive music news these past few months and almost nothing of any real substance happened? Oh well. Here’s to hoping the next few months are a little more exciting. Without further ado… THE NEWS:

Ike Willis, the guitarist and vocalist for the late Frank Zappa, is set to release a biography this December. Willis was very close to Zappa, and has dedicated many hours to preserving Frank’s musical approach, so I doubt this is some scandalous “tell-all” biography. That being said, I would love if there was some juicy stuff in here, ’cause I have a feeling that Zappa did some freaky stuff while out on tour. Let’s review a sample of lyrics from a Zappa song titled “Jewish Princess”

” … I want a steamy little Jewish princess,
With over-worked gums, who squeaks when she cums… “

That isn’t even the third worst vocal passage in the song. I’m not joking. For obvious reasons, I’m REALLY hoping for a tell-all book.

Wintersun has released album artwork for “Time I”, their upcoming album that is due out on October 12th. I almost didn’t want to put the image here because I feel like I would just be an enabler. If you give Wintersun any kind of exposure, they seem to soak it up and draw energy from it like a bunch of damn plants and then promptly sit on their asses and complain about studio-related “technical difficulties” for 6 or 7 years.

The legendary French progressive rock band with their own special language has released their twelfth studio album. The album, released in June, is titled “Felicite Thosz” and is Magma’s first release since 2009. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Magma, they are a uniquely talented progressive group with some strong jazz influences, probably most known for having created their own language, with they use for vocal parts in the album. Notice to any power nerds who speak fluent Klingon: you have a band idea. Make it happen.