Weekly News Update: Humble Apology Edition

Humble Apology Edition? What could that mean? It couldn’t POSSIBLY have ANYTHING to do with the fact that I’ve gone about a month without posting

September 23, 2011 News

SFX: Sojourn Water Park

Alright guys, here’s a video and some samples of our first sound effects sojourn of the semester.  Last Thursday (Sep 15th), we all headed over

September 21, 2011 Digital Audio

Breaking News: New Opeth Album is Streaming on NPR

Opeth is streaming Heritage for a limited time on npr.  Here’s the link, go listen

September 12, 2011 News
Symphony-X 2 Symphony X: Iconoclast Overall Score

Symphony X: Iconoclast

For me, Symphony X was originally one of those bands where you buy their albums but don’t really “get it” until you see them live.

September 07, 2011 Reviews

School Starting

To all who are wondering why we haven’t uploaded articles in a few weeks, I say, School has started.  For two of us (Kyler and

September 06, 2011 Miscellaneous

Weekly News Update: Änglagård Edition

On August 15, I posted a rare status update on my Facebook page: “Änglagård hit the studio today for the first time since I was in

August 21, 2011 News

Breaking News: New Dream Theater Clip

Here’s another clip from the upcoming album, and it’s very intriguing. I’m not a huge fan of the dream theater ballad fare, but this (if

August 17, 2011 News

Breaking News: White Willow sample

Good ‘ol Lars Fredrik Frøislie has posted a video on the youtubes giving some samples from the White Willow album Terminal Twilight, which comes out on October

August 15, 2011 News

The Almighty Compressor Part 1: Gain Boost

In the beginning, god created the music and the producers. And the music was without punch, and quiet; and lameness was upon the face of music.

August 12, 2011 Digital Audio

Breaking News: Another Dream Theater Clip

Well, it seems that Dream Theater is releasing a clip of all of their songs, except the full first track.  So, here is the link

August 12, 2011 News
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