Andrew Danso: Find
  • Production
  • Composition
  • Musicianship
  • Freshness
  • Sonic Flotation Coefficient

Sometimes life has a way of making you get behind in everything. Sometimes, I’ve had a review half written since the beginning of February that got delayed until now, the middle end of April. Sometimes, even, there are good excuses for getting so behind (like the proggies and having a baby). And sometimes, people are very patient with me as I tell them, “the review should be up within a couple weeks,” every couple of weeks for 2 months. Andrew Danso is one of these. Andy sent me his EP Find at the beginning of January, and it’s taken me this long to get a review out. Was it a really involved 2 disc album that took months to fully understand? No. It’s like 30 minutes long, straightforward, thoroughly relaxing, and quite good. If you enjoy ambient music in the vein of a much tamer Radiohead, I suggest you check it out.

I had to listen to this album a lot more times than the usual, just because I found myself drifting off and relaxing no matter how hard I tried to pay attention to it. I knew that I liked it, but I had no specifics, and I can’t just post a review that says, “yeah, it was pretty awesome. More details? No…” So, after spending WAY too many hours doing the proggies, and having a kid, I finally sat down, and took this album on song by song to find the gripes and the gems.

Find consists of 13 tracks that are short miniature sonic journeys, separate yet connected, each conveying a slightly different mood. There are some real gems of dissonance and strangeness (Fix and Radial Day are my favorites, just weird and fun) mixed in with some very straightforward material, and I think the mix of the two works very well. I never found myself getting bored, but I was just able to drift from song to song, appreciating each separately along with the album as a whole. The composition and layering of keyboard, guitar, and percussion sounds is done very successfully, and there are plenty of moments that were interesting enough to capture my attnetion.  The length, to me, is another strength this album has. It is short, but sometimes I just want a short bit of music to wind down with after work, when I have too many obligations to commit an hour (or more) to it.  All in all, it is just good.

While I have no major gripes, I don’t really like the way the drums are presented. They sound too muffled to me, especially the snare, and in my opinion take away from the ambient mood. However, that is a small gripe, as the drums do not occupy much real estate in the songs.

Overall, Andy gets 3.5 stars for this entertaining and relaxing bit of music. If you are into this stuff, I think you’ll like it, so go check it out!