Even though these albums are no longer on www.progstreaming.com for your free listening pleasure, I thought it would be good to open the fridge up and pull out these leftovers because they are still fresh and I know we’re starving for a little snack. I just had to include them with the hopes that this humble morsel will inspire someone to buy at least one of these albums, and perhaps avoid one as well. Enjoy!


Garden WallAssurdo

Very quickly, this album created a Sleepytime Gorilla Museum meets Zero Hour kind of impression on me. But do not be fooled! It would be hard for me to compare these Italians’ sound to anybody. In the end, what you get is an incredible blend of styles, from avant-garde to rock music; sometimes jazzy, sometimes death metal, sometimes funky, and even electronic too, but always with lots of beautiful avant-garde dissonance. The approach is monumentally diverse, making this album memorable and interesting throughout. If you don’t mind prog with a weird edge, you definitely want to check these guys out.

Alex Carpani – The Sanctuary

The keyboards are incredible and it’s got great old school Italian appeal; it’s soaked with great analog synths and vintage organs. Composition is solid and doesn’t leave you bored. Although this is not a groundbreaking album by any means, it carries on the classic 70’s Italian spirit with flying colors. Great melodies abound throughout. Basically if you love great sounding synths, I don’t see why you wouldn’t like this. It can even get slightly jazzy at times :) And there’s something about the vocalist that reminds me of Wobbler’s original singer???


TransatlanticMore is Never Enough

I disagree with the title. More can be more than enough. It’s basically the same setlist as Whirld Tour DVD, and honestly, the performance isn’t so much dramatically better to make you want to justify buying this. I’ll just stick with my Whirld Tour DVD. The mix and performance are great though. In other words there’s nothing bad about this release, there’s just no reason to buy the same thing twice unless you’re a completionist.